AirBlue™ – Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver by Kanex

Kanex, maker of audio-visual solutions for Apple computers, today introduced AirBlue – a portable Bluetooth music receiver letting you “Bluetooth” your speaker.

As wireless connectivity becomes a growing trend, more and more mobile devices are hitting the market with built-in Bluetooth. However, very few audio equipment such as speaker systems and portable stereos come standard with Bluetooth and do not work with Bluetooth enabled devices like the Apple iPod or iPhone. With the introduction of AirBlue, you can gear-up existing speakers to conveniently support Bluetooth connectivity.

Designed to connect with your AV receiver and speakers by acting as a Bluetooth receiver, Kanex AirBlue enables you to play your tunes wirelessly keeping your device portable at distances up to 33ft away. With no need for external power, portability on both ends is maximized.

“Kanex AirBlue is the first-ever Kanex AV solution designed specifically with smartphones and mobile devices in mind,” states Kashyap Khetia, Kanex Product Marketing Manager. “The AirBlue offers portability unlike any other device on the market. And it’s the perfect complement to speakers and AV stereos of all shapes and sizes.”

Kanex AirBlue ($49) is available for pre-order on and coming soon through our network of authorized channel partners. For more information, please visit