AI’s (ai) Japan’s Top R&B Singer First Interactive Music Video on “facebook”

AI,  Japan’s top R&B singer is happy to announce a special interactive music  video of her latest single “Beautiful Life”, launched on facebook for all facebook users.

Followed by her new album [INDEPENDENT], this “Beautiful Life” will also be available on iTunes store (US) in coming August, 2012. Just a click on AI’s       facebook page (       will take you to a fascinating journey of one-and-only interactive music       video, which features all your facebook contents combined, dancing to  her music, in frames, on stage, even your friends becoming as band members. Explore this first ever styled music video on facebook by a promising Japanese artist.

And this excitement can be experienced in real live performance. Come to discover her impressive show at Club Noki, LA on Aug 24!

AI‘s “Beautiful Life” interactive MV for facebook. View  this one and only Video on your facebook account. Please click below URL for new discovery

(For non facebook account user, demonstrated interactive MV is  available on youtube)

■AI Official Site

■AI Official facebook page!/A.I.INTERNATIONAL

■AI “INDEPENDENT” on iTunes Store (US)

Photo: Business Wire