The Joy Factory Debuts, Wearable Technology and Fast Charging Smart Device Accessories

The Joy Factory, Inc. will unveil a suite of digital companion products to complement today’s popular smart devices, including the Apple® iPad™, smart phone, tablets and e-Readers at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas. The Joy Factory will showcase an enhanced product series which includes compact multi-device charging solutions and wearable technology which allow users to stay active and engaged with their smart devices in their daily lives.

Currently, The Joy Factory offers a wide range of ergonomically engineered tablet and smart phone specialty accessories that cater to busy lifestyles, including protective stand/cases and portfolios, rotating stands, charging solutions and mounting options designed to help consumers make the most of their digital companions. The Joy Factory, celebrating its one-year anniversary, has successfully launched to market more than 50 products. During CES, The Joy Factory will debut the next generation of digitally-driven specialty products including:

Zip Mini Touch-n-go Multi-Charging Station– The Joy Factory’s Zip Mini features the latest breakthrough in conductive charging technology as its larger sister, the Zip Multi-Charging Station, which was recently named a 2012 CES Innovations Award Honoree. Effortlessly combining form and function, the Zip Mini features a sleek black circular charging pad design to charge multiple devices at the same time with its “ZipTail” charging receivers that are compatible with today’s smart devices.

The Joy Factory designed the Zip Mini to offer consumers the ability to easily charge an arsenal of mobile devices including smartphones, cameras, and e-Readers in a way that is modern, effortless and without the clutter of bothersome cords and cables.

The Zip Mini is bundled with ultra-short, tangle-proof ZipTails which are equipped with rounded magnetic chargers at the end and connect to any of the dimpled spots on the main charging pad.

With the included 2100mA power adapter, the Zip Mini can charge up to four cellular phones at once, depending on the power transformer on the device. The Zip Mini comes with a starter kit that includes one micro USB and one Apple 30-pin connector. Additional receivers can be purchased separately. The Zip Mini will be available at the MSRP of $49.95.

MagConnect Mounting Solutions – The Joy Factory’s product suite of MagConnect mounting solutions is constructed of carbon fiber for maximum durability. Featuring sleek auto racing-type styling, the carbon fiber is light weight yet provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio to sturdily support the iPad 2. The newly designed magnetic ball and socket easily connects to the tablet case with a secure locking mechanism and works in sync with the articulated arm to rotate 360 degrees for greater viewing angles in landscape and portrait modes and retracts easily for quick storage. Compared to earlier non-magnetic products, users can rotate the iPad quickly and without the hassle of having to loosen the brackets. All mounting systems, including the auto headrest, C-clamp and tripod-compatible options, are compatible with The Joy Factory’s Folio360II professional portfolio-style case and stand. The MagConnect solutions will be available in Q1-2012, starting at the MSRP of $89.95.

Paladin Waterproof & Rugged Case for iPad 2– Building on the company’s success of the RainBallet waterproof case for the iPhone, The Joy Factory has adopted the waterproof technology and added new innovative features for the iPad 2. The case meets the qualification of IPX 7 waterproof standard, meaning that it can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. The durable case also meets the standard of military grade shockproof MIL-STD-810F, helping to protect the iPad from accidental drops and guard against hazards in the harshest conditions such as construction sites, industrial warehouses and auto shops.

Strategically placed camera openings on the front and back of the case allow users to take advantage of the tablet’s camera and FaceTime features. All buttons on the Paladin are fully accessible, creating new opportunities to transform the tablet into an underwater camera. The charging port and the headphone jack are also accessible, allowing users to easily charge their device or listen to music without having to remove the tablet from the case. The Paladin for iPad 2 will be available in Q1-2012, starting at the MSRP of $100.

e-Glove – The Joy Factory’s new capacitive screen-compatible gloves are designed to work in sync with today’s tablets and smartphones. All ten of the gloves’ fingertips respond to the users’ touch on the gadget’s screen. Users can text and access their phone, tablet or e-Reader in cold and inclement weather without the bothersome task of removing their gloves. The e-Glove can also be maximized in industrial or “shared” environments where users want to eliminate finger prints on their device and protect hands against dirt and debris. Made of a carefully knitted acrylic fiber, available in gray and gray/black color combinations, the gloves are fashionable and comfortable to wear. The e-Glove is available at the MSRP of $24.95.

All products will be available for order at and through major online sites and retailers.
Photo: Business Wire